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Anna Šubrtová
Loved this site. It seems decent. I have bought birth control pills from here after reading the blogs. Good and informative. Great work team! rnrn
Tina P. Nguyen
I bought abortion pills around a month back and I confirmed my pregnancy last week. I was caught up with some work but I had to tell you guys that your pills worked and I am very thankful to the whole team. rnrn
I ordered mtp kit on last month. Must say, your service was damn good. I was new to all this stuff. But thnx to your live chat team, they really guided me well about the pills like when should I take the pills and the time duration between the pills, etc. Thank you so much, guys. cz of you I was able to terminate my pregnancy successfully.
Elanor Gould
I orderd Mifepriston pills on last month and yeah it worked successfully, as I was 5 weeks pregnant and wanted to get rid of my pregnancy. Not only the site gave me the good service but also after my abortion done, they guided me well for the fast and safe recovery. That I like the most about it. Truley recommended site.. Thnx the team...!!
Dylan Renwick, US
We were shocked when I and my wife got that she is expecting her 2 weeks pregnancy. I and my wife have already 2 children and we are now happy & complete family. Obviously, we don't ready for another child. So, we decided to get rid of it. On last week, I purchased an MTP kit from this site. Must say, they shipped to us in time to our doorstep also they explained the usage of it so well, as we were using that for the first time. A big thnx to the Live Chat Team for guiding us properly. Now she is totally cured. A big relaxation...!!
Dominik Peters
My wife is a working woman, we just passed our 1 and a half successful year of our marriage. At this stage, when we both are great in our career, we honestly do not want a child. Not now at least. But unfortunately, we faced her 5 weeks pregnancy. By our gynec's recommendation, we decided to go with the pills to avoid future pregnancy risks. Luckily, I found this source and put faith on it because it sells an FDA approved products. So, I purchased an abortion pill pack and she terminated successfully her pregnancy. We both are grateful to this site. It was a lifesaver big time..!!
Comforte LeBatelier
It was 6 weeks when knowing that I am pregnant. It was shocking and unbelievable for me and my boyfriend. We were not even able to think that how can we get rid off. Luckily, through a blog, I landed on this source and found finally a solution. I purchased an MTP kit from this source and thnx to you guys, through your guidance and support we did it successfully. I am grateful to the Live Chat Support team, who were there throughout the procedure. Many thanks to you guys she is now completely cured...!!
John Garrett
When I knew that my girlfriend is suffering from 5 weeks pregnancy, I got totally shocked. I felt so much guilt inside me. But we had to survive and take a quick solution for it. By my friend\'s recommendation, I landed on this source and luckily, found an MTP kit. My girlfriend terminated her pregnancy successfully within 10 days. My big thank you to the Live Chat Support team, they guided us so well and provide our products in time. It was a big-time lifesaver.

Buy Abortion Pills Online - Choose Secure and Quick Abortion

Worried about your unwanted pregnancy? Buy abortion pills online to get rid of pregnancy safely... is the online pharmacy that will help.

Along with medication (abortion pills), we proffer consultation services which will not only provide unbiased advice but also guidance while you go through the procedure.

Know that all medication you will find on this website is FDA approved. The drugs we provide like Mifepristone and Misoprostol and its alternatives are considered to be the “golden standard” of combination for medical pregnancy termination. This solid combination is proven to offer more than 97% of success rates.

One of the safest methods of terminating your pregnancy is through abortion pills, and it has the highest efficiency rate if you follow the instructions appropriately. Furthermore, it is proven that, today more women abort by medication than by surgery.

Steps for successful pregnancy termination with abortion pills

  • Buy online abortion pill kit with fastest delivery option available
  • Administer pills as stated here, or contact support
  • Re do pregnancy test to confirm abortion

The abortion pills

Abortion Pill MTP Kit

Mtp Kit

MTP Kit contains two abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol

Abortion Pill Pack Online

Abortion Pill Pack

Abortion pill pack contains Mifepristone/Misoprostol and anti-side effect drugs

Cytolog Abortion Pills online


Cytolog is a secondary abortion pill containing ecbolic properties

Ovral G online

Ovral G

Ovral G is a hormonal birth control pill, containing norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol

Abortion Pill Process Infographics

Abortion with pills (Medical Abortion)

Medical Abortion, is a method of terminating a pregnancy by medication. It is medically allowed within 10 weeks of gestation.

For medical abortion, you need two basic drugs – Mifepristone and Misoprostol. These two together compose a solid formation that end the pregnancy by blocking progesterone hormones and ejecting embryonic tissues through vaginal discharge.

How the abortion pill works

Mifepristone – This is a progesterone hormone blocker which results in prohibiting all pregnancy assisting hormones. This impediment causes the embryo to be detached.

It also helps in widening and softening the cervix which makes the pregnancy tissue ejection process easier.

Misoprostol – This is a prostaglandin analogue which contains ecbolic properties. Its basic function includes inducing uterine contractions which flushes out the pregnancy parts out of the body.

The abortion pill process

  • Swallow one tablet of Mifepristone [200mg] with water
  • Take a break of 24-48 hours after taking Mifepristone
  • Put four tablets of Misoprostol [200 mcg each], two by two in each cheek pouches. Wait for them to be dissolved naturally for at least 30-45 minutes before drinking water and swallowing the tablet’s residue. (The Misoprostol pills do not contain flavor, therefore keeping them in mouth for half an hour is possible.)

When can you take the abortion pill?

Medically speaking, abortion through medication can be done if the pregnancy is within 10 weeks. Ten weeks' gestation would mean 12 weeks after the last day of your menstrual cycle.

How long does it take for abortion pills to work?

Many women start to bleed 30 minutes – to one/ two hours after taking the misoprostol pills, while some take five to six hours to start the process of aborting.

How long does it take to complete the procedure?

It usually takes one to two days for women to stop bleeding. However, some may still lightly or moderately bleed for one or two weeks after the procedure.

How much does the abortion pill cost averagely?

Averagely the abortion pill will cost you around $300-$600 elsewhere. On, the cost of one MTP Kit is $199, Abortion pill pack - $240 and so on.

What are the intended side effects of medical abortion?

The intended side effects of medical abortion are – Bleeding and Abdominal cramps.

What are the un-intended side effects of medical abortion?

The un-intended side – effects may occur discriminately. These side effects include – Nausea, vomiting, excessive bleeding, diarrhea, fever etc.

How to counter undesired side-effects of medical abortion?

The recommended method of countering side effects is by taking prescribed antibiotics, painkillers and anti-emetic medication in case you are prone to nausea.

There is anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic and blood-coagulant medication already available in the abortion pill pack, along with the two pregnancy termination medication.


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