How to Maintain Good Health after a Medical Abortion?

healthcare after a medical abortion

Be it any medical process, recovery plays a crucial role in the healthcare.  For this, patients must look after of their health with precautions being taken care of.  Women buy abortion pills and undergo a medical abortion at home to end their unintended pregnancy in a complete privacy. Working women tend to neglect the after-abortion care part, but that’s the time when should look after their health the most. Taking good rest is essential for faster recovery from an abortion. If at all you wish to work, you can work from home. So, what can be done to get back to normal after a pregnancy termination process? read more

How Do I Talk To My Partner About Sexual Intercourse

how to talk with partner about a sexual intercourseHello Ladies…!! As the whole world is celebrating the special day – A WOMEN’S DAY, feel more proud. Being a woman, it’s your right to get all the pleasure from the world, especially from your partner. Your spouse is the only person who can be with you for a lifetime and can support in all such way. Here is a way how you and your partner should talk and support about such interesting and obviously about an important topic, which makes your relationship stronger than before.  

Talking about sexual activities often can bring you closer and boost your sexual confidence. Besides, it also helps to stimulate sexual desires. Being transparent about sexual health is essential in any relationship to make it stronger and healthier. read more

Why Women Should be Supported for her Abortion Decision ?

medical abortion

In the argument of whether a woman should give terminate her pregnancy or not, many a time, people disregard the opinion and feelings of that woman. A fetus is a part of her body, a woman should have rights to take the decision if she is ready for a child. In case she chooses to end her early pregnancy, she should be rather supported by her decision while also aiding her in the abortion process. 

  • Well-planned babies are always healthier: Women often choose abortion because they are not ready for it. If they continue their unwanted pregnancy, one may not guarantee the circumstances the new-born would live. On the other hand, when a woman conceives a baby while she is ready, the baby is healthier since she looks after the pre-conception and prenatal care. The nutrients obtained during pregnancy have a permanent effect on the well-being of your child. If a woman bears pregnancies immediately one after other, it increases the risks of low weight child and several other complications.
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Can Mifepristone Only Be Used As The Abortion Pill?

What is Mifepristone?

Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is a part of the abortion pills regimen to end pregnancy effectively in the first trimester. It is widely studied and is usually prescribed with secondary medications like Misoprostol (or other prostaglandins). Mifepristone can be brought under the trade name of Mifeprex, Mifegyne or in other generic forms. You can also buy abortion pills online if you have privacy concerns. This, however, requires an expert consultation and a due consideration of the contraindications. read more

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Is Medical Abortion A Good Choice?

Medical Abortion

There are a certain number of clinical assessments and contraindications to note before you choose between a surgical abortion and a medical abortion. A comparison, however, brings up the following perks of the latter:

There is no use of anesthesia

In a surgical procedure for abortion, the surgeon uses sharp medical tools to scrape of the endometrial lining. Electric curettage is employed to rid the uterus of the pregnancy contents. Women will have to endure great pain and these experiences can be frightening. They are therefore injected with general anesthesia. General anesthesia presents a risk of convulsions and impairment of body’s cardiovascular functions. It also takes a few days to recover from it. read more

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The Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Everyone Should Know About

Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

You may have heard Ovarian Cancer termed as a ‘silent killer’ before, and there’s a good reason for it- the disease does not have a number obvious indicators as, say skin cancer or breast cancer. However, that does not mean females do not experience signs.  

Ovarian cancer mainly affects females who have turned 50 years of age or older. It may spread to bowel and bladder, to the lining of the lymph nodes or the abdomen, liver, and lungs.  

Even though ovarian cancer records for only about 3% of cancers affecting females, it results in more death than other cancers affecting the female reproductive system.  read more

4 Myths About Women’s Fertility

 Women's FertilityWhen it comes to fertility, there’s always one or the other myth stinking around a woman in her young fertile period.

Sooner or later, she lands up nowhere with a lot of whys and wherefores in her mind. Hence, to clear the air, following a few myths are commonly seen amidst people and the uncovering the true side. 

#1 It is difficult to when you’re in 30’s

One of the most common myths seen amongst people is that it is difficult to conceive after thirty as the fertility of a woman drops with age in drastic ways. Hardly a few raise the question if the “fact” is true. read more

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How to use an MTP Kit and when to use the second one?

A Medical abortion through MTP Kit is the non-surgical procedure of terminating a pregnancy. These abortion pills can end pregnancies that are within 10 weeks [70 days] of gestation. The MTP Kit consists of two necessary abortion pills, namely, Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

How to consume MTP Kit?

The MTP Kit contains Mifepristone, which is anti-progesterone and Misoprostol, which is a prostaglandin analog. 

Woman buy MTP kit online and take a combination of a drug to stop her early gestation. In order to use them, you must follow the below procedure. read more

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Does aborting unwanted pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage in future?

The subject of abortion is bound to inspire heated argument Regrettably, lots of half-truths, myths, misunderstandings, and rumors get spread while discussing abortion subject too.

One such known argument is about how abortion affects a female’s physical and psychological health.

So is it true that aborting unwanted pregnancy surgically or by the abortion pills results in miscarriage or other complications in the future pregnancy?

The researchers behind pregnancy termination and consequent miscarriage: read more

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Obstacles that woman face while Accessing Abortion Pills Online

Medication process of pregnancy termination has been a backbone of organizing an undesired pregnancy and its cancellation. Even though the medication regimen became identified officially in the U.S. in September 2000, after which many continued to buy abortion pill online, or contact a medical professional for the pills, more than millions of pregnancy termination took place entirely without causing any harm to women’s health. The advantages which women get through medical abortion are privacy and control of women. read more

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