Does aborting unwanted pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage in future?



The subject of abortion is bound to inspire heated argument Regrettably, lots of half-truths, myths, misunderstandings, and rumors get spread while discussing abortion subject too.

One such known argument is about how abortion affects a female’s physical and psychological health.

So is it true that aborting unwanted pregnancy surgically or by the abortion pills results in miscarriage or other complications in the future pregnancy?

The researchers behind pregnancy termination and consequent miscarriage:

Some research has been done that have mentioned the link in between terminating a pregnancy and future miscarriages, no evidence of the link has been found yet.

There are some studies that have found a common increased risk after an elective abortion, however, most find an elevated risk only in women who have gone through multiple surgical procedures rather than those who had abortion pills for termination or only have gone through one procedure.

There are other studies as well that found no link in between an abortion and the risk of miscarrying the future pregnancy. Some researchers have hypothesized that if there is an increased risk, the risk is possible to come, not from the abortive procedure but rather from other lifestyle choices that may be more in general in women who have had elective pregnancy cancellations.

The risk from Medical Abortion?

Medical abortion consists of taking two tablets, namely, Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion medicines. These abortion pills enter the system and block the pregnancy continuing hormones and cause uterine contractions that cause the separated embryonic tissues to be exited from the body through vaginal discharge.

These abortion pills do not cause any changes to the uterine tissues and your body goes back to being completely normal after 6-8 weeks of taking the pills. Therefore, there is slim to no chances of medical abortion causes future pregnancy risks.

In fact, you can buy abortion pills, as it is said to be the safest procedure with 97% – 98% of success rates without complications.

Risk of Surgical abortion?

Termination of pregnancy through surgery, especially with modern technology is very safe. The only thing complicating the matters is that there is a chance that any hypothetical risk comes only from a slight prospect of scarring from the surgical pregnancy terminations [such as by D & C].

Study reveals…

The study found that procedures done with abortion pill did not cause an increase in the risk of future miscarriages or any other complications such as ectopic pregnancy, pre-term birth/ low weight birth etc.

If you are worried….

If you have had a pregnancy terminated in the past and are worried about the risk of miscarrying future pregnancy, please remember that most women who have had an abortion do not have any serious complication in health. Therefore, your odd for a good outcome in your next pregnancy is much more than negative.

You can also consult your doctor on safety guidelines and safest methods if you are considering elective abortion.