Can Mifepristone Only Be Used As The Abortion Pill?

What is Mifepristone?

Mifepristone, also known as RU-486, is a part of the abortion pills regimen to end pregnancy effectively in the first trimester. It is widely studied and is usually prescribed with secondary medications like Misoprostol (or other prostaglandins). Mifepristone can be brought under the trade name of Mifeprex, Mifegyne or in other generic forms. You can also buy abortion pills online if you have privacy concerns. This, however, requires an expert consultation and a due consideration of the contraindications.

Is Mifepristone enough to induce abortion?

In rare cases, where the woman is in the earliest stages of pregnancy, a complete abortion can result from Mifepristone alone. However, this needs to be confirmed by clinical assessments. The other possible consequences without administration of a prostaglandin are:

·         A missed abortion

This is the case when the fetus is no longer viable, but the pregnancy contents are not expelled out of the uterus. You will then require a vacuum aspiration procedure to empty the uterus failing in which you might face the risk of an infection. In severe cases of infection, the mother may lose the ability to support a child in the future.

·         Continued pregnancy

It is possible that the fetus remains viable post administration of Mifepristone alone. Not only does it mark the failure of abortion, but it also means that the fetus can develop to be born with abnormalities. Absorption of the drug by the fetus may result in serious mental harms or malformations. There is also a likelihood of pregnancy continuing normally and you might decide to keep the child.

To avoid the adverse effects of the drug, it is essential to complete the entire regimen with proper dosages.

Why are these caused?

The two pills work in synergy. The actions of the primary medicine are enhanced by the secondary one. Only then a complete abortion is brought about. You are thus often advised to buy Misoprostol and Mifepristone online in the case of a medical termination of pregnancy.

Mifepristone activity

Progesterone, the pregnancy sustaining hormone, is competitively inhibited by Mifepristone. This drug is a derivative of progesterone-like steroidal hormones. Its affinity of binding to the progesterone receptors is twice that of the hormone itself. This way, it efficiently blocks the functioning of progesterone thus preventing the sustenance of pregnancy.

  • Functioning as an anti-progestogen, it alters the endometrial lining, causes the breakdown of the thickened endometrium and eventually the detachment of the products of conception.
  • The blockade of progesterone receptors directly results in cervical softening and dilation. This is expected to aid the expulsion of pregnancy contents.
  • It also exhibits a certain level of anti-glucocorticoid activity. Glucocorticoids are chemical components essential for sustaining life in the womb and ensuring its growth. The drug thus prevents the development of pregnancy.
  • The myometrium is sensitized when primed by this drug. There is a release of endogenous prostaglandins that initiate uterine contractions.

How Misoprostol supports it

Misoprostol, a prostaglandin itself, further ripens the cervical muscle and increases uterine contractility when taken at a specific time after Mifepristone. This time is usually 24-48hrs and indicates the phase when the uterus is most sensitive to the effects of the former drug.


Abortion with Mifepristone alone doesn’t occur in all women and is a rare phenomenon. It is generally safer to use the combination therapy. Advanced stages of pregnancy might also require two dosages of the second drug. Understand the consequences of a dosage error.

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