How to Maintain Good Health after a Medical Abortion?

healthcare after a medical abortion

Be it any medical process, recovery plays a crucial role in the healthcare.  For this, patients must look after of their health with precautions being taken care of.  Women buy abortion pills and undergo a medical abortion at home to end their unintended pregnancy in a complete privacy. Working women tend to neglect the after-abortion care part, but that’s the time when should look after their health the most. Taking good rest is essential for faster recovery from an abortion. If at all you wish to work, you can work from home. So, what can be done to get back to normal after a pregnancy termination process?

Following are the ways you can take care of your health after a medical abortion for faster recovery.

Intercourse after an abortion:

You may want to spend the leisure time with your partner, however, intercourse is not the right solution to your problem. You must resist any sexual activity for at least two weeks following an abortion. Neither a masturbate or vaginal douche should be done for these two weeks.

Diet after an abortion:

  • Heavy bleeding during the pregnancy termination process may create iron and vitamin b12 deficiency. You need to have a meal which is light with enough irons to refill in your body.
  • The body also requires protein to refill new blood cells. You can consider fish, pork or beef meat, dry beans etc. to get the needed amount of proteins.
  • Vegetables and fruits are the two necessary food items which will meet your body’s mineral necessities of your body.

You can always have tomatoes, broccoli or oranges to increase the nutrition source and dietary fibers.


Do not exercise if it’s involving too much of physical exertion. When you lift heavy things or stretch your body more than needed, it creates pressure on the vaginal area as well. This clearly creates hurdles in recovering faster from an abortion. Hence, it is advisable not to involve excessive physical activities, instead, a woman is expected to relax, take rest and sleep if possible.

Showering after the abortion:

There’s no such restriction as such that one can not have bath or shower during or after the abortion process. Having said that, a shower is advised rather than taking a bath.  When you bleed heavily, the germs could spread quickly if you take a bath. In order to avoid irritation or any kind of infection, antiseptic or heavily scented products shouldn’t be avoided while washing your vaginal and genital area.


The chances of getting pregnant soon after your abortion are no less. It’s always better to take precautionary care when you have intercourse next time. You can buy Ovral G online or other ways of precautions for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Also, your body needs to become strong again to be capable of bearing a child. It is advisable to take a break and use birth control pills while indulging in intercourse.

Side effects of a medical abortion are temporary and go on their own without using any medication. All your body needs to cure the minor side effects is relaxation and proper food. If you experience an extreme case of any of the side effects, visit your doctor/physician at earliest.