Why Women Should be Supported for her Abortion Decision ?

medical abortion

In the argument of whether a woman should give terminate her pregnancy or not, many a time, people disregard the opinion and feelings of that woman. A fetus is a part of her body, a woman should have rights to take the decision if she is ready for a child. In case she chooses to end her early pregnancy, she should be rather supported by her decision while also aiding her in the abortion process. 


  • Well-planned babies are always healthier: Women often choose abortion because they are not ready for it. If they continue their unwanted pregnancy, one may not guarantee the circumstances the new-born would live. On the other hand, when a woman conceives a baby while she is ready, the baby is healthier since she looks after the pre-conception and prenatal care. The nutrients obtained during pregnancy have a permanent effect on the well-being of your child. If a woman bears pregnancies immediately one after other, it increases the risks of low weight child and several other complications.


  • Responsibilities motherhood: Abortion is criticized by many for several reasons. However, giving birth to a child is neither as simple as it seems to be. Parenting a child is indeed difficult since it involves a number of committed years wherein every aspect of nourishment is well taken care of your child. Patience, attention, emotional; social and financial support for a good upbringing is required and a lot more than you can ever think of. Parenting is the most life-transforming thing one would ever do. When you take the decision of giving birth to a child, you have to justify the role you will be playing as a parent, without which it’s no less than a being sinful.


  • Medical Abortion is similar to any other medical procedure: Medical abortion is not harmful to a woman’s body since it neither has any permanent side effects nor affects the future pregnancy. When you buy abortion pills and undergo pregnancy termination, its mechanism skillfully removes the fetus particle from your body within a week without any invasive technique.


  • Survive and thrive: A woman who gets pregnant after a one-night-stand or a malfunctioned contraceptive petrifies the woman with the idea of motherhood. Also, however the society sets our mind, it will not have any answers to brutal crimes such as rapes. In such cases, pregnancy termination is the only reasonable option they see before them.


  • An early fetus does not have attributes of personality: Pro-life supporters seldom argue that ending your pregnancy implies ending an innocent life which is unethical to many. However, one needs to understand that an embryo or an early fetus does not contain ‘life’ in simple terms. It encompasses none of the values or feelings that we have. The question may raise regarding medication safety and assurance because, however, when a woman undergoes medical abortion through a right channel, it is indeed safe. She could buy MTP kit online from a renown and trusted website. With this, she need not worry about the whole process as the medication is an easy way to terminate a pregnancy at home. All she needs is support from her loved ones and respect from society.


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