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Ovral L Contraceptive Pills

Ovral L Contraceptive Pills

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Ovral L is an effective, safe, and low dose of synthetic hormone combination pills used for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. The tablet is an oral form of birth control and is different than condoms and other barrier form contraceptions against pregnancy. Each medicine pack contains a set of 21 hormonal tablets (active), and 7 placebo medicines (inactive) with active pill containing Ethinylestradiol 0.03mg and Levonorgestrel 0.15mg. Ovral L tablet is useful for accurately prohibiting pregnancy even if an intercourse takes place. It can also be used for other purposes like acne reduction, regularizing menstrual cycle, reducing painful periods, and to treat primary dysmenorrhea and menorrhagia.

0.15mg/0.03mg (Ovral L)
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Ovral L- Mechanism:

The efficacy of the Ovral L depends on your menses and how accurately you use them. The drug averts the ovulation cycle by not letting ovaries discharge eggs. In response, the hormonal activity thickens the cervical mucus to deter the sperms from meeting the eggs. The procedure of implantation is broken with modification of uterine endometrial lining that holds the embryo.

Bleeding (withdrawal draining of blood, which could be termed as induction menses) starts at the end of course. As a result, pregnancy can’t occur after the consumption of Ovral L. But, this tablet is not like abortion pill. It only averts pregnancy from taking place but doesn’t play a role in terminating one.

Ovral L- Dosage Requirement:

The medicine course is either of 21 or 28 days. In 21 days’ cycle, one hormonal Ovral L pill has to be consumed orally with water, per day at same time till 21 days. After this, no medicines are taken for the remaining 7 days. It is mandatory not to miss any dose to retain effectiveness of the tablet.

In 28 days’ course, the user needs to continue the above indication for the initial 21 days. The remaining 7 days, women needs to intake one placebo orally with water each day and from 29th day, a new Ovral G pack can be started. Even in this course also, bleeding takes place at the time of placebo medication duration.

Ovral L- Missed dosage:

The pill Ovral L is a highly effective birth control and when taken accurately has no failure rate. But if too many doses are missed the efficiency of medicines reduces and chances of unwanted pregnancy rises. In order to prevent such an incident, you must consume the tablets as recommended and continually.

Ovral L- Side effects:

Some mild side effects are abdominal pain, spotting, sleeplessness, breast pain/tenderness, insomnia, headache, nausea, skin itching/rash, mood swings, etc. These consequences may not last long and does not affect health negatively.

Ovral L- Precautions:

Some drugs such as anticonvulsants, penicillin, St JohnsWort, barbiturates, rifabutin, nevirapine, carbamazepine, griseofulvin and rifampicin must be avoided with Ovral L.

Following are the precaution:

  • Avoid taking Ovral L tablet if diagnosed of allergy to contraceptive medicines, history of carcinoma (endometrial and breast), diabetes, systemic lupus erythematosus, heart attack/stroke, etc.
  • Switch to an optional birth control process, if suffering from high blood pressure, lipid disorders, thromboembolic disorders, migraine, or deep venous thrombosis.
  • The medicines are necessary to store in a dry and cool place. The tablets should be kept out of reach of children.
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol, as these may alter the pills efficacy.
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Ovral L Reviews
Tahlia Baylis
I had an abortion medically. But it was painful. If I could find this source earlier, then I would surely order for the pills, as I heard through the pills having an abortion is easier and the safest than surgical. Now I do not think for a child, not yet at least. So, I ordered Ovral L birth control for planning better. Now I am feeling relief. Thank you for the support.
Kaouthar Brunt
Counting my days to next menstruation. I have had Ovral L birth control pill treatment thrice, and it worked fine for me. Hoping for the best this time also.
Kirsi Huberts
I have experienced unplanned pregnancy before, and remember how panicked and terrified I was. I don’t ever want to experience it ever again. Since then I have started using Ovral birth control. Thank you for making it so convenient. I can just order from here and have it delivered at my doorstep without spending too much. Very good service, I must say!
Ashna Manshanden
Every time it is difficult to be carefree while having sex using condom because there are many risks for malfunctioning of condom. Hence, I always prefer using extra birth control and those are hormonal pills (ovral L), which I more often purchase here. The medicines are worth taking as they also save lot of money.

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