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Ovral Birth Control Pill

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Birth control pills also known as oral contraceptive pills work the best as a non-invasive method for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Ovral is an effective contraceptive containing synthetic female hormones: estrogen and progestin, in a low dose to avoid possibilities of getting pregnant. The mechanism of hormones includes suppressing of the pituitary gland that ceases the development and release of the egg in the ovary. It also averts the sperm from reaching the egg and changes the lining of the uterus.This pill can be also called as 'combination oral contraceptive'.

0.25mg/0.05mg (Ovral)
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Ovral birth control is used over a period of 28 days or 21 days to cease a pregnancy from happening. The drug is useful in continuing intercourse without being anxious about becoming pregnant. One should not misinterpret ovral contraceptive pill with an emergency contraceptive pill.

Ovral tablets composition:

The combined tablet with both estrogen (0.05mg) and progestin (0.5mg)is slightly more efficient than the progestin-only pill. Nevertheless, some women can’t have estrogen, thus it’s better for them to have the progestin-only pill. Both the hormones work together to provide protection from unwanted pregnancy after an unprotected intercourse.

Number of tablets in an Ovral pack:

Ovral contraception is available in 21 or 28 days course kit.A 21 day pack will contain 21 active birth control medications. In 28 days course kit, there will be 21 contraceptive pills and 7 placebo tablets (non-hormonal). The placebos are inactive tablets that do not prevent pregnancy.

Ovral- Dosage Information:

Consume Ovral (active tablet), orally with water daily at the same time. In 21 days’ course, the female must take a tablet daily at same timing. At the end of 21 days, she should stop consuming any hormonal birth control method. From the 29th day, the woman needs to begin with a new kit of the Ovral to thwart future pregnancy.

If it is a 28 day course, the woman should start a fresh pack from the 29th day, although she is bleeding. After 21 days, she needs to take each tablet of placebo orally every day for 7 days.

Ovral- Working mechanism:

Developing a pregnancy requires, full-fledged eggs to be present for mating with semen. The synthetic hormones Ovral pills introduce, interrupt the menstrual cycle in women by stopping ovaries from releasing any mature eggs, thus suppressing ovulation. Sperms need to travel through cervical passage to fertilize eggs, which does not happen, if the person is on contraceptive tablets.

The action involving the fusion of female gametes to form a zygote is ceased by thickening cervix. The Ovral medicine also averts growth of uterine lining (endometrium) that supports the fertilized ovum. Therefore, fertilized egg (if any) cannot be developed into an embryo, preventing pregnancy completely.

Ovral- Side effects:

The regular side effects to oral birth controls are abdomen pain, breast pain/tenderness, spotting or breakthrough bleeding, nausea, skin rash/itching, insomnia, headache, or mood swings. Not every woman taking these tablets comes across the side effects, nor do these events linger for long.

Ovral- Precautions:

Avoid the consumption of Ovral birth control, under following circumstances:

  • If you have or a medical history of diabetes, history of stroke/heart attack/ endometrial or breasts carcinoma
  • Allergic to estrogen and progesterone or any ingredient of the birth control tablets
  • Have lipid disorders, high blood pressure, deep venous thrombosis, thromboembolic, or migraine
  • Worsened otosclerosis or ear disorder during a pregnancy

Note: Only females who are not pregnant can use Ovral birth control pills.

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Ovral Reviews
Nuka Frederiksen
My wife had gone through from surgical abortion before a year and I know it was painful for her and me as well, by emotionally. We do not want to face this again so decided to use Ovral for few months to avoid unwanted pregnancy of her. And I ordered Ovral pills, they shipped to us in time and my wife is secured now. Thank you, guys. Keep servicing like this...!!
Isabela Costa Melo
As I am a working woman. So me and my husband do not even think about to plan for a child. So, we consulted our family doctor and he suggested me to implement birth control pills through Because these medicines are FDA approved so we trusted on and ordered ovral birth control pills. And must say, now we both can do sexual intercourse without having any worry. Thank you guys...!!
Alisha Huissen
After Ovral 28day helped me to stay away from pregnancy, I started using them for several months in a row, so that I can deter a possible pregnancy and have can a cheerful sex life. I know the product never gave up on me. Every woman should use this medicine. These pills are much more accurate than non-hormonal contraceptive.
Tuĝba Beekelaar
After an undesired pregnancy, I always have a stock of Ovral contraceptive tablets ready for use. Never have to get pregnant again until I wish to be, these pills are just too perfect for me as birth control. Thankyou for offering pills at such low cost.

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