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Terma & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Comprehending’s terms and services are a compulsory pre-requisite for users and customers for usage. The agreement of these conditions set forth the terms applied to your usage of the website, its services, and content (which includes but not limits to the information, logo, images, and text on Our terms and conditions include –

  • Being only an authorized online agent seller of medications for women’s reproductive health, the site doesn’t involve in production activity.
  • Users below 18 years of age are free to refer the website but aren’t allowed to make purchases.
  • Information on website is provided for raising awareness and for reference. They do not/cannot be held as a substitute for a health care professional's advice.
  • Customer’s safety being our highest priority, only deals with FDA approved medication.
  • Contact a health care professional immediately in case you experience ill-effects.
  • Our admin can update details, pricing, products as per changing laws or other elements without prior notice. Therefore you are required to regularly check the website before purchase.
  • Please follow proper instructions before usage, we will not be held responsible for any ill-effects the medication causes.
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